"Looks like I got yous two a temporary stay of execution. But that's only gonna last if what you say is true." - Bodie, Death Sentence
Bodie is a member of the Skulls who was introduced in Lockdown, but becomes the leader of the Skulls in Death Sentence.

Appearance Edit

Bodie is described as a very tall and skinny teenager, known notably for a large scar on his face that runs from his chin to his forehead.

Personality Edit

"Them that say are the ones who get ended by them that play." - Bodie, Death Sentence
Bodie initially comes off cold and authoritative in his attitude, but unlike Kevin and Gary, Bodie is naturally charismatic and highly respected among the inmates.

Bodie is a passionate leader whose values come from his time as a gangster before getting incarcerated. His "silver tongue" is what saves Alex from getting killed and rouses the prisoners of Furnace to stand up and go against the warden's orders. And with that said, Bodie does have a strong respect for his boys in life and death.

Main Story Edit

Back Story Edit

Not much is known about Bodie, either than the fact he seemed to be one of the Skulls who had been locked up for the Summer of Slaughter. He mentions while mourning a couple of his fallen Skulls that he'd known them from the streets before they were convicted. Bodie also has a brother in Furnace as well, though it's unclear if they were convicted at the same time or not.

Lockdown Edit

Bodie appears in Lockdown for a very brief scene where he, Kevin and an unnamed Skull go to threaten Alex as revenge for a Skull that Alex had accidentally gotten killed. Bodie, Kevin and the unnamed Skull left their warning in part by urinating on Alex's bed and then leaving.

Appearances Edit

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