“You Yanks, always the same with your bravado and your shoot-first-ask-questions-later and your gum.I could hear you chewing from a mile away, and they must be able to smell Juicy Fruit all the way over in Berlin."
- Joan, The Night Children
Flight Sargent Joan Forbes is a WWII pilot of the British Royal Air Force, introduced in the prequel story The Night Children.

Appearance Edit

Joan is first described wearing the pilot's outfit of British Royal Air Force, a leather flying helmet, and a scarf pulled over half her face. Donnie and his men first assume she is a man at first, before she pulls off her helmet and reveals her face.

Joan is short and thin, with long brown hair, pale from the cold and exhaustion. Donnie describes Joan as being remarkably beautiful, as though she could be modelling on the cover of a magazine.

Personality Edit

Sharp and quick witted, Joan is a loyal soldier who doesn't take kindly about her gender in her position within the army, given how long and hard she's worked to become a pilot. She has a resilient nature and keeps up her endurance during the treacherous wilds she was dropped. Even faced with injury or in times of adversity Joan tries to light of the situation, giving chipper remarks to assure that she is fine. Joan also has a very dry and sarcastic sense of humour, often to mock Mike and Kreuz in particular.

Joan also tends to be the voice of reason at times, often to ease the tension in arguments or when pointing out flaws in a plan of which she improvises changes when needed.

Main Story Edit

Back Story Edit

Joan technically is a member of the Women's Auxilary Air Force, but due to her proficient nature in piloting she managed to talk her away into getting a Spitfire and joining the action. Since then, she's flown 16 successful missions.

At home, Joan is engaged to a man named William, and has two kids with him: a six year old boy named George and a four year old girl named Grace.

The Night Children Edit

Joan had been an escort heading to Heilbronn for a follow up raid, but was shot down by a German antiaircraft gun and forced to crash land in the middle of the Ardennes. Though she wasn't sure where she was, she headed down south to where the Allied forces would be and set up her decoy parachute and hid until she found Donnie and his men.

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