Warden Cross, formerly known as Kreuz, was the Warden of the Furnace Penitentiary given by the great Alfred Furnace. He attributed to the transformation of Alex into a Blacksuit and further onward.


'The Warden', as referred to by the inmates, was a teenager, like the many Blacksuits, when he was taken in by Furnace. He was a first lieutenant of the Nazi Party due to connections from his uncle and had suffered a major injury on the battlefield of World War II when he was brought in and fed the recently developed nectar.

He responded well to the Nectar - extremely well. After being weaned larger and larger portions of the liquid his blood eventually was replaced by it. He had truly become Furnace's creation. To Furnace, Warden was now his right-hand man.[1]

Furnace PenitentiaryEdit

When the penitentiary was created after the Summer of Slaughter its possession was granted to Warden. By now, he was drinking the nectar raw to sustain himself, granting his eyes the appearance of deep, black vortexes. The Warden began experimenting with a newer variation of the nectar speckled with gold flakes as described by Alex. He slowly gained his army of Blacksuits and Wheezers through the equivalent of trial-and-error.


The Warden was killed by the hands of Alex Sawyer in the Furnace headquarters although powered by the newest form of nectar. After 'powering up' by drinking the red-speckled blood of a Beserker, he was challenged by Alex. He took the encounter as a threat to his position alongside Alfred Furnace, while Alex meant merely to kill him for the horrors he inflicted upon the prisoners. After Alex shoved a grenade down his throat, effectively obliterating him, the Warden was finally dead. His record lifespan sustained by the artificial blood of Furnace was officially ended and Donovan's soul avenged.[2]


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Fan Art Edit


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